The El Cajon SDA Christian School Staff

Joyce Fronda

Ms. Joyce Fronda is the new principal and is also the Kindergarten through 4th grade teacher. This is her first year at ECSDA. She was the former teaching principal at Victor Valley SDA School for 5 years. She also taught English and Bible classes in South Korea for 2 and 1/2 years as a missionary. She has a Masters of Arts in Teaching and currently has a Seventh-day Adventist Teaching Credential. She believes that home, church and school are essential parts in teaching a child as a whole.

Wilma Standley

Mrs. Standley is a dedicated volunteer secretary/treasurer. She is the mother of five sons who all attended the Seventh-day Adventist school system. Mrs. Standley joined our school family in 2005 and is a pillar our children and parents depend on.

Crystal Manuel

Mrs. Manuel is the 5th through 8th grade teacher. She has been teaching at ECSDA since 2014. She has her master’s in Education Administration, the California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and the Seventh-day Adventist Teaching Credential. Her three core beliefs for teaching and learning are to be prepared, to motivate and guide her students, and to teach the child as a whole.